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New Future World

Healthy Wealthy Happy

We help busy new and existing small business owners and entrepreneurs become Healthy Wealthy & Happy without breaking their budget by using our exclusive, simple, & comprehensive R.E.N.E.W. programmes.

We can help to provide the tools & resources you need to have a successful business and rewarding lifestyle. We also use the tools that we recommend, and if you act quickly, you can access a complete suite of tools at zero cost. You can explore our website and visit our Blog using the menu above.


We focus on both emotional and physical health as well as your work / life balance and your business mindset. We provide therapeutic coaching and support to help you achieve balance in your life.


Achieving security in your wealth and income is essential in the modern world to provide everything you need to survive and thrive. You can set your own goals and plan for successful outcomes.


Everyone has there own vision of happiness, and when all your essential needs are being met you can expect to live a stress free life. We can help you optimise your resources to achieve success.

Mark Bajer


My Journey To The New Future World

There’s nothing normal about “The New Normal” That’s what I decided in 2020 when the world went into lockdown, international travel came to a halt, and people everywhere began to experience an almost total loss of control in their lives.

I have already seen and experienced many changes since my own life began many years before mobile phones, smart phones, multi-channel tv, the internet, laptops, tablets, or personal computers were universally available.

I began my working life in the late 1970’s working in an office environment doing a range of general tasks in a non-digital world consisting of pen, pencil, and paper.

Outside of the office I developed a passion for the performing arts, and became a professional actor / performer in cabaret and theatre during the 1980’s.

Also, in the 1980’s I became a Samaritan Volunteer offering telephone and face to face listening and befriending, meeting my interest in helping others, and building skills I would use later on professionally.

I worked for a major charity as a counsellor, supervisor, manager, and trainer while gaining professional qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy. I established a small private practice offering therapeutic interventions to help people reduce stress and anxiety, lift depression, remove phobias, manage anger, beat addictions, and much more.

When I was offered redundancy from the charity in 2015, I used the opportunity to explore a new working life free from former constraints. I chose to look for opportunities that would provide the maximum flexibility, while utilising all the skills I developed over the years. I became a franchisee of Not Just Travel, now one of the largest independent travel agencies in the UK.

I adapted my knowledge and skills in psychotherapy and decided to offer therapeutic coaching online as part of a larger programme helping people manage changes in their lives affecting their personal and business mindset. I incorporate practical tools and learning alongside opportunities to develop new or additional incomes to people who have suffered financial loss.

As the world continues to change, I have learned to adapt and pursue new opportunities. I am still looking forward to a better lifestyle travelling (when allowed) and enjoying a full range of leisure activities.

My existing travel agency business is now working alongside my new online business activities in affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and therapeutic coaching courses that will enable me to generate more passive incomes and allow me to look forward to a stress-free lifestyle where-ever I happen to be in the world.

So here I am, not surviving in “The New Normal” but succeeding in “The New Future World”